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LeafFilter Philadelphia News

This is where you can read news specific to the Philadelphia office.

LeafFilter of Philadelphia Visits the Jersey Shore

What a beautiful view! LeafFilter of Philadelphia’s Marketing Manager Brian Workman had an awesome view this past weekend when he attended a show on the Jersey Shore boardwalk. We think the LeafFilter Gutter Protection display looks great in this setting! We asked, but Brian did not see anyone from the Jersey Shore reality series at…Read More

Bob the Builder Discovers LeafFilter

We are always having fun attending local events and meeting new people. At a recent event in Philadelphia, we ran into Bob the Builder. Bob the Builder, a character from hit children’s TV series, found LeafFilter to be an excellent solution for clogged gutters, as it keeps out everything but water! He had a chance…Read More

Leaf Filter at Expo at Hershey Lodge

We are all jealous of our Marketing Manager Brian because he is at the Hershey Lodge today in Pennsylvania. In between Hershey chocolate samplings, Brian is educating homeowners about the pain of clogged gutters at the Hershey Lodge in Pennsylvania. While at the show, the Hershey Bear Mascot stopped by the LeafFilter booth for a…Read More

Spring Gutter Cleaning

March is here and Spring will be here before you know. It’s important during Spring Cleaning not to forget the outside of your house. Clogged gutters not only are visually unappealing but they cause damage to your roof, foundation and many other vital aspects of your home. LeafFilter Gutter Protection are custom installed gutter guards…Read More

Hardwood Flooring Options for Your Home

Choosing hardwood flooring for your home can be overwhelming with all the options. Obviously, you’ll want to select something that is long lasting while being cosmetically appealing. Learn about the pros and cons of different flooring options to see what the best solutions for your home is. Mahogany Flooring Walnut Flooring Cherry Flooring Hickory Flooring…Read More

Tips for a New House Inspection

When new homeowners are looking for potential homes, there’s important things to consider when it comes to the home inspection. Avoiding signs of deterioration and damage are essential to save yourself costly repairs in the future. Here’s a few things that you should keep in mind during a new home inspection: Water damage Front and…Read More

Blake Koch Meets LeafFilter NASCAR Fans

NASCAR driver Blake Koch took the time to meet some LeafFilter customers from Michigan and sign some autographs.

Winter Weather Damages Homes Once Temperature Rises

Mike Patterson, of LeafFilter North, explains at the Bay County Home and Garden Lifestyle show how the winter weather can cause damage to your home once the temperature warms up. He says the biggest problem people see is from ice damns which form on the roof, but could force their way under the roof of…Read More

LeafFilter at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Check out the LeafFilter Gutter Protection booth at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The Philadelphia Flower Show showcases the best companies for home improvement and remodeling. This annual flower show included shopping, art exhibits, wine tastings and more! Stop by the LeafFilter Gutter Guard booth to learn how LeafFilter can save you time and money in…Read More